This is what I have to say, Wikipedia is more than what you could imagine.

Before this activity, I only learnt that wikipedia is only a tool which is used for searching resources. I learnt the following facts about Wikipedia:

  1. It is a place where everybody can discover knowledge, but also create and share knowledge
  2. It has a collection of free-ebook resources including textbooks, guides and manuals
  3. It is a also a multilingual dictionary with words of all languages
  4. It has a collection of sourced quotations from notable people and creative works
  5. It offers different projects, such as references, collections, technology, guides and also collaboration

As a English language teacher who teaches students English Speaking, I am particurly impressed by the function of wikequote which offers a collection of quotations from notable people and creative works. I will require students to find relevant quotations from wikequote and share the quotations they like in class to practise their communication and public speaking skills. Students are also required to explain why this is the quotation they like and what kind of implications they can draw from this quotation.