I think I will use Word Webs for students in small groups after class to reflect the English words they have learnt in my English Speaking Class. The technique used will be MindMeister. 

Before this, I only know that Word Webs is useful for in-class activities, but not for after-class activities. After learning this, I have realised this can be used for after class activity which help students to strengthen their image of the words they have learnt in class.

With the two rules in mind: group goals and individual accountability in mind when designing this activity, I will first set students in groups of 3-4, to create a word web based on the words they have learnt in class in groups. To make sure that each student will contribute to this activity, students in a group have to take turns to list some words (e.g. 3 words) they have learnt in the class concerning a certain topic on the MindMeister. Then the second student in the group can continue to add another 3 words related to the words which the first student has added, until all the students in a group have finished this activity and made a word of web collaboratively.

This will not only help students to work collaboratively but also achieve knowledge creation in the process.