I chose the Socrative for online quizzes and the Edpuzzle to post a video assignment embedded with questions which could tell me whether students are viewing it or not.


I have created an onine quize about “Facts about COVID-19” to test student knowledge about this disease,, in which i used multiple choice questions and true or false questions. I used Socrative mainly because I got to know that one of our teachers used this and I want to know the features of this. In addition, it has the feature of viewing student responses instantaneously which is quite impressive and can be used to test students in class.

The main challenges I faced are: there is not obvious ‘help’ button which introduces the different meanings of other functions, such as “Rooms”, or terms such as “Space Race” and “Exit Ticket”, which is difficult to understand for new users.


I have created an assignment for students using the videos “IELTS Speaking Exam Tips” from the Edpuzzle embedded with multiple-choice and short answer questions, I chose this mainly because I often use videos in my English Speaking class and this suits my teaching practice quite well. More importantly, it allows me to identify if the videos I assigned are viewed by students or not, which is quite helpful as I often use videos for flipped classroom and students previewing the videos is essential for effective flipped classroom teaching.

This is quite easy to operate and I didn’t have any challenge to report. It might be more difficult to operate if I used other videos and create questions by myself.