Task: Students are required to give peer feedback in pairs to their HRM coursework draft on “What methods could Monstrosity Burgers use to motivate its workers?”

General principles for giving feedback

  • Students work in pair to give peer feedback to each other on their coursework in line with the task requirements.
  • Feedback should be given within 3 working days and submitted through Moodle.
  • Feedback should be given according to the template provided.

Technology and tools to be employed

  • Feedback should be given at the end of the electronic Word document of the student, with side comments inserted in Word to point out strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Moodle is used for submission.

Format of the feedback

  • Feedback should be written done in Word, with both side comments in the text and summative words at the end.

Dimensions of the feedback

The feedback given should focus on three areas:

  • Content and Task (60%)-It checks student understanding and analysis of the subject, e.g. whether students have proposed adequate methods relating to motivation theories, and discussed their advantages and disadvantages in relation to the case study; whether there are sufficient business examples and research to support the argument.
  • Presentation and Organisation (20%)-It checks whether students have used appropriate essay format, clear structure with introduction, main body and conclusion and whether all these are well-organised.
  • Use of English (20%)-It checks whether students could use correct and an acceptable amount of grammatical structures and vocabulary.