This content relates to encouraging and guiding students for providing peer feedback.

Instructions provided to students for providing peer feedback:

For your assessment titled: Applied digital marketing project, you will need to carry out peer-assessments.

Based on the peer-groups you have been assigned kindly review the digital marketing artefacts implemented by your peers. Review this implementation from the perspective of a reasonable Website User and provide the feedback observing the following principles:

General principles for giving feedback:

Timely: Feedback should be provided before the end of Week 4 of your module and current semester.
Intimate: It should address the individual implementation scenario implemented by your peer.
Empowering: It should guide your peer on addressing and improving the weaknesses as highlighted in your review
Constructive: It should be positively phrased providing a constructive vision for improvement to your peer
Manageable: It should be reasonable and manageable according to the available resources

Technology and tools to be employed:
After reviewing, you need to publish your feedback on the your Peer’s Personal Wall on the VLE.

Format and dimensions of the feedback:
For providing feedback, use the above format and dimensions, provided under principles of giving feedback.