I hadn’t fully explored OER before today. Of course I knew some materials could be found online and shared as part of my teaching but I didnt realise the amount of material that was at my disposal. The OER Commons was the most helpful site for me. As I am just about to start a new module that contains a section on Business Ethics it was as simple as searching for that. Numerous resources came up, some of which were relevant and some weren’t – but that happens with any internet search! In terms of a positive outcome I’ve found and downloaded a book and bookmarked a journal which I can use as on line learning materials for my students. This is really helpful as with no traditional classroom learning and everything on line I have been experimenting with giving learners more materials they can access at times to suit them and to direct their own studies. This is different to “flipping the classroom” as I’m making the materials less dependent on the space and time of a workshop and more about flexibility to pick and choose what they read and when they read it.