The website was analysed for accessibility and colourblind usability issues with the following observations:

Following issues were found using the Website Accessibility eValuation Tool (WAVE):

The ‘About’ link placed on the top left corner has a missing form label,

The button ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ doesn’t have a form control. This link text is placed below the search bar

On the top right corner a link is placed without text (adjacent to other links of Gmail and Images)

The above issues may cause accessibility issues for the specially abled

Following is analysis from Colorblind Web Page Filter tool:
The website was rendered in a usable and visible format for all the colorblind tests i.e. Protanopia, Deutanopia, Tritanopia, achromatopsia.

With both the above accessibility and colorblind analysis we can concluded that the website doesn’t have major issues. Although some minor issues were spotted but these are not significant and won’t deter the users from having a fairly good experience on the respective website.