A diagnostic resource has been prepared in h5p.com to investigate the awareness of Students on essential background topics including:

  • Solid Mechanics
  • Matrix Operations
  • Integration and differentiation
  • Tensor Algebra
  • Linear Algebra
  • Matlab Programming

The resource consist of 20 objective questions to investigate Student’s readiness for the FEA course. Results from the test would be used to structure the preliminary content of the finite element course. Lectures would initially focus on addressing the collective weakness of the class with regards to the topics outlined above. Later Lectures would be used to build the collective strength of the class.



To pass the course, Students are evaluated on two fronts.

  • The first relies on digital resource prepared on h5p.com where students are to answer 20 Objective questions to demonstrate they have a good understanding of the course. Questions would include aspects of FEA theory, elements, model creation, analysis and errors. This segment of the assessment represent 40% of total mark.
  • The second relies on course work which must be presented in form of a report which details analytical solution¬† to a standard problem, finite element analysis of the problem, and the analysis of a mechanical part. This aspect of the assessment represents 60% of total marks. Report are all to be submitted on moodle.

Students are asked to evaluate the delivery of the course so as to improve future content.



Student are required to submit 2 reflective text on microsoft teams and respond to reflection submitted by their peers. These reflections would be monitored by the course management team with each reflection limited to 300 words. In the first reflection, the students should give account of how FEA would benefit their career and must be submitted 3weeks into the course. The second reflection should detail essential requirement for extending FEA to industrial problems, identifying bottle necks and how this can be overcomed. This must be submitted on microsft teams by the end of the course. The course management team would respond progressively to all reflections.