Personalised learning platforms like can be a great facility or a limitation depending on the context in which the students’ personal information like academic performance, earned academic badges, etc. are earned on the platform.

The advantages of personalised Learning include primarily individualised tracking progress and opportunities for providing relevant feedback to Students is extremely powerful feature.

This personalisation could be helpful irrespective of the group size in the classroom that is it will work very well for small groups as well as large groups as well.

It provides an opportunity to weaker students in order to understand their limitations at the same time for the brighter students it also provides an opportunity to perform better and enhance the depth and breadth of their learning

The downside of such personalisation could be in cases of oversensitive weaker students where they are impacted negatively by the reports provided by the personalised platform resulting in the motivation to learn and perform better

Ethical implications:
The ethical implications of such a platform could be that the personalised students learning data is hosted on a third-party platform which could potentially be misused or hugged resulting in A compromise of the personal data of the students. Similarly other tracks existing in the technical world are beyond assessment and hard to predict until they happen. The overall point is any digital data specially that is on a third-party website is not as safe and open to threats