I never realized how capable Wikipedia was in promoting collaboration among project teams. It is often used as bank of preliminary information on a broad range of subject areas, yet its hidden functionalities could indeed support learning environments. It is very common in mechanical engineering to categorize students into small groups that aim to deliver functional mechanical designs. Wikis can indeed support this activity by offering some sort of page in which members of a group can individually edit, with the teacher monitoring the progress of the work virtually, while having an insight into how the output of the project is distributed among the individual team members. Since Wikis philosophy allows people from across the globe to edit errorenesous content, members of a project group could quickly learn from each other as an online report is progressively improved. I have also observed that three dimensional conceptions of engineering assemblies on a two dimensional board can be a challenge while teaching. Since limited views are available to capture student’s imagination on a particular concept. Wikis might have a lot to offer in this regard, since one could indeed embed revolving models into the Wikis page and then improve students understanding of the models via Wikis dialogues. Wiki is definitely a useful tool I have now adopted and would engage it in my teaching practice especially for student projects.